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Solo traveler: How do keep from getting lost in NYC?

Solo traveler: How do keep from getting lost in NYC?

Okay, I will remember this summer because of my crazy adventures. All three months and at the beginning of September were busiest and most exhausting months of my life.

This was my first summer (maybe autumn) in New York. But, my way to NYC had a lot of problem and difficulties .

Firstly, I stayed alone in Ocean City where I was all summer with my friends. So, the day when I leave the OC was rainy. You don’t believe me because of this we started our journey to NYC for three hours late.

Okay, it was just beginning of my awful day. Driver left me in Manhattan, Times Square with my big baggage. I never was in NYC. I didn’t know about train way. I didn’t have connection to watch Google Map. I just had number of friend and address of hostel. 

I walked around the Time square where was so terrible and scary. I walked through the streets in searching of TAXI. I know, it is stupid, but I paid 75 bucks just for one way.  After coming to hostel I met my friends who were waiting for me for 5-6 hours.  Only then I felt safety.

After this day I got something new things like traveler. It is my first experience. If you want to travel by yourself, please just remember some rules and be safe.

1. Have plan B:
You must to plan your travel. Make research about the city and region.  And don not forget about plan B.
By the way, you must have the plan B. What if your car have problem on the way, what if you lose your bag with money and documents. Think about it and try to be responsible by yourself.

2. Try to keep your mobile traffic:
Map is the most essential thing ever. Only Internet connection helps to you find way if you are shy to ask way to someone or if you have problem with language.  

3. Whatever happens, you must to keep calm:
Believe me, man, hysteria never helps to solve the problem. You make your problem bigger. I always cry in the bad situations. I know I’m so sensitive. But, you try to keep calm. Then you can think clearly.

4. Think then act:
I met a lot of people who really want extreme adventures. They try to steal some expensive things from  different store or markets. It is bad way, you know. It means that you have big chance to lose your authority like a human. Also, foreigners just remember your nation. Remember, not your name or age, but nation.

5. Hostel where you stay:
Find to place where you can stay more difficult than you think. Because of that, try to book the room in hostel (hotel) in advance. It helps to save a time.

6. Keep your money:
Right! Keep your money and passport with you. It is important.

7. Find someone who solo traveler as you:
Really, travelling alone is good. But with someone traveling will be interesting and safety.  When I decide to go alone to USA, I though it is great idea.  I spend money more than others, I did more mistakes and  I lost a lot of time, for God’s sake!

8. Be fast:
I worked good. But I real life I’m not fast. I’m so shy and I had complex, damn it. These qualities prevented to me. Be curious. Ask something and conversations begin.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.

One day I read in internet page some phrase about travelling: “World is book. If you stay in one place, it means you just read one page”. I agree with this world. Just one page means that you never finish book and you have not any useful information. Without travel you can stay in the one level.

Remember! NYC is the big city. Noise and darkness.  It is crowded  always. A lot of crazy people. Sometimes  it would seem that city can swallow you. But, never give up!