The interactive methods of teaching history and geography in onli

The interactive methods of teaching history and geography in onli

The interactive methods of teaching history and geography in online study regime

         Today, one of the most common forms of education is distance learning as a new format for the implementation of the educational process, a way to move from a reproductive to an active paradigm of knowledge acquisition, to education based on constructive joint activities of all participants in the educational process. The main trend of the ongoing social and educational reforms is expressed in the idea of creating a global open information and communication educational environment, the core of which is Internet technologies, in creating conditions for teaching students to work in the mode of self-education, meeting personal needs for knowledge that allows them to adapt to the modern world.

The relevance of the research topic is determined by the fact that at the present stage of the development of school geographical and historical education, the use of active and interactive methods of studying the geography and history is vital, since there are trends towards a decrease in the quality of knowledge and an increase in negative attitudes to learning, due to a general decrease in cognitive interest among schoolchildren. Therefore, a different approach to the organization of training is needed, which allows changing the positions of the student and the teacher in the educational interaction. In this case, the role of the teacher in the educational process is increasingly important. it is reduced to advising the student in his cognitive, research activities.

 Last year all over the world faced with the problem of Covid desease and everyone switched to online studying. Here we can clearly see that all students lack of energy and motivation to study. To solve these problems all the teachers should teachers must adapt to the new online technologies. In this arcticle I will show the main interactive methods and their relevance in teaching geography and history in online and usual study regime.

When using interactive methods, the role of the teacher changes dramatically,

ceases to be central, he only regulates the process and deals with its general

organization, prepares the necessary tasks in advance and formulates questions or topics

for discussion in groups, gives advice, controls the time and order of

implementation of the planned plan. The use of interactive forms and methods of

teaching in the process of studying at the university will allow you to acquire:

 for a specific student:

- experience of active development of the content of future professional activity in

connection with practice;

- development of personal reflection as a future professional in their profession;

- mastering new experience of professional interaction with practitioners in this


 study group:

- development of communication and interaction skills in a small group;

- formation of the value-oriented unity of the group;

- encouraging flexible changes in social roles depending on the situation;

- adoption of moral norms and rules of joint activity;

- development of skills of analysis and introspection in the process of group reflection;

- development of the ability to resolve conflicts, the ability to compromise;

 teacher-group system

- non-standard attitude to the organization of the educational process;

- formation of motivational readiness for interpersonal interaction not

only in educational, but also in professional situations.