Do you want to speak english?(байқау)

Do you want to speak english?(байқау)

Hello everybody! It is my next proof-job. So let's go:

Past Continuous

S+ was/were + V4 (ing)+ O

When I had a dinner, somebody shouting on the street.

 Ainur was calling him, but Alisher wasn’t answering the phone.

What was you listening?


Past habits: used to + V1                                                

I used to use a computer, but now I use the laptop.


Present Perfect

S + have/has + V3 + O

Duman has travelled to Kapshagay, so he isn’t at house.

We haven’t came home yet.

Have you ever watched the competition “Namys Doda”?


Present Perfect Continuous

S+ have/has + been + V4+ O

I have been writing my blog for 3 hours.

Aybek hasn’t been having a dinner since morning, so he is very hungry.

When have you been starting your trainings?


Passive Voice

The poem is read in the classroom by Samal.

The football match was played at 8 a.m.


Past Continuous with Past Simple

When I surfed the internet, my friend was sending a message.

The laptop disconnected, while I was writing my blog. So I started again writing.

So, it's my second english proof-job! Do you like my job? Zholdas aga, please check my sentences and vote. May be I made mistakes, you need to warn me, as for everybody who can understand english. I would like work and write about this lessons. See you soon friends and followers!