It is English Time, learn the language(байқау)

It is English Time, learn the language(байқау)

Good day respected ladies and gentlemen!(Қайырлы күн құрметті ханымдар мен мырзалар) May be you know, I wrote in my last blog that I would like repeat the english videolessons *English Time*.(Білетін боларсыздар, өткен блогымда айтып өткендей *English Time* жобасын қайталауды жөн санадым осы жұмысымның айғағы ретінде осылай есеп бермекке бел будым) These are my report as proof my job, pleasant viewing)

English Time. Ағылшын тіліндегі шақтарға жалпы шолу – онлайн тест (3-сабақ)

1)      The verb - To be (Present Simple)

I аm a follower  site

You are beautiful

He is a VIP (very important person)

She is  a popular model.

It isn’t a table.

We are the champions!

Are they  your  friends?


Past indefinite

I was at school 3 month ago.

They were not  fool children.

Was Nursulu a student of Daryn school?


Future indefinite

We shall be a scientists

You won’t be a nurse

Will he be a engineer?


2)      Present simple

I like playing football

He doesn’t come home

Do they watch a football match?


3)      Present Continuous

Baurzhan is leaving the room right now

I am not learning Chinese language

Are her children walking in a park?


4)      Present tenses with future meaning

I am listening a audiofile evening

The plane of Air Astana come here at 7:50 p.m.

We are going to go to the amusement park


5)      Past Simple

Subject + V2 + object

I got up at 7 o’clock in the  morning

Arman didn’t send a message his brother

Did they pass the exam of history?


So, it's my first english proof-job! Zholdas aga, please check my sentences and vote. May be I made mistakes, you need to warn me, as for everybody who can understand english. I would like work and write about this lessons. See you soon friends and followers!