Interview with journalist from Afghanistan, Sherzod Muslim

Interview with journalist from Afghanistan, Sherzod Muslim

-Is it your first visit in Kazakhstan? 

-No, this is the second time when I am in Almaty, the first visit was in Al-Farabi University due to UNM meeting. 


-- What do you think about our university? Can you compare us with other universities 

- I travel around the world. I was in 45 countries. I met several people from various universities of the whole world. I might say that this is one of the best places, which I have ever visited. I gained a lot experiences from teachers this university and it should be noted in two years many things changed including Almaty.  


Yesterday, you visited UN Model – New Silk Way Program meeting, what do you think about it?

- I know that KazNU university works within many programs. You know I am master of science, I am knowledgeable in journalism. I work with large media groups, which have 10 TV channels in Europe, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, absolutelyeverywhere. And by this connection, we can see thatsituation in Kazakhstan, in Almaty, in KazNU is going straight up


-What exactly have changed in Kazakhstan for the last two years?

-Personally, I say that journalism needs a lot of time for being better. We want to be better in economical science and in this case, I only compare different countries near Afghanistan.  We work in TV channels and we work with CNN, BBC and other big corporations. It means that we are one of the successful media groups. Your country play a great role in international community. This year will be a big event EXPO 2017 in Astana and UN Model works hard in Almaty every year. It means that Kazakhstan is not just a country. It is a country with a big future.


- In your report, there are much information about academic system of Kazakhstan. What about your country?

- We have bachelors, masters and PhD too. I would like to say that Kazakhstan is in a good way of academic system nowadays. In my opinionproviding such a great event, like EXPO 2017 will be a goodexperience for your country. The development of our country will be noticed by the result of such of these high level events. Our countries are the part of Asia and we play big role in community. 



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