My specialty is my choice

My specialty is my choice

After graduating from the bachelor's degree, one of the most pressing questions arose before me, what to do?
After a little thought, I decided to continue my studies. The entrance exams have been passed, the main moment has come - the moment of choice.
I opted for my alma mater al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
One of the key factors that influenced my choice was a quality education and the opportunity to gain practical experience. The chosen university met all my requirements.
I chose the specialty "Religious Identity in Conflictology". This is a completely new specialty that offers the widest range of activities.
The purpose of this educational program is the high-quality training of specialists for the scientific and educational sphere of higher educational institutions. The program is aimed at the formation of a professional personality of a specialist who is able to: interpret and generalize deep scientific knowledge about the conflict, acceptable methods of working with them, guaranteeing their resolution; carry out the development of resolution and research of problems in the field of conflict management, based on the application of the existing theoretical and methodological aspects of the analysis and technologies of conflict management; process and present the research results in writing, process documentation and draw up a report; ensure the effectiveness of work with methods, technologies and techniques for resolving the conflict; to build up their own program for increasing knowledge by studying the work experience of domestic conflict experts, with the development trends of world conflict management.
Thanks to my specialty, I met leading scientists in the field of conflict resolution, read many works, acquired the necessary skills and am confident that in the future I will be able to become a worthy specialist in the field of domestic conflict resolution.

Bishmanov K.M PhD doctor, professor

of the Department of Religious Studies and Cultural Studies of KazNU

Narmanbetova A.

2nd year master’s student in Religious Identity in Conflict Studies

of the Department of Religious Studies and Cultural Studies of KazNU