Phraseology is a branch of science

Phraseology is a branch of science


Master of Arts., Senior Teacher at the Department of

Foreign Philology and Translation Studies


Skakova Zhanar, master's student of

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


  Phraseology studies phraseological units in our speech. In every language there are phraseological units, fixed expressions, and idioms. Without them, it would be difficult to achieve some kind of expressiveness, our speech would be meager, limited, and there would not be that very climax that gives speech an emotional color, tone. Thus, their function is to enrich linguistic speech. Even when speaking in our own language, we often do not notice how we use fixed expressions, do not attach much importance to this, since we use it very naturally and easily.

  This section can be found at the Philological Faculty of KazNU named after Al-Farabi. A number of seminars are devoted to this, where students, divided into groups, defend their work by presenting different forms of phraseological units in different languages.

  Anyone who learns a second new language will definitely get acquainted with fixed expressions, phrases of the target language. A person has reached a high level in the study of the language, when he has fully familiarized himself with phraseological units, understands them by ear and uses them in his conversation.

  If you dig deeper, and study separately their history of origin, you can always find that it comes from the ancient; people once put it to some similar situation. Therefore, we can safely say that the one who studies phraseological units in the target language; he studies not just vocabulary or grammar, but also culture and traditions in addition. Since phraseological units appeared differently in each individual nation, it happens that some stable expressions are not in the Kazakh language (for lack of such a feature, situation), but exist in other languages, depending on the difference in cultures.

  A special important point is occupied by how it is correctly translated, not literally, but in meaning. It is worth noting that knowledge of a large number of phraseological units speaks of a person as a versatile personality, having a good memory, ingenuity, since you need to know which phraseological units to apply to certain life situations.

  Therefore, we can conclude that phraseological units do a good job with the function assigned to them to fill speech metaphorically and eloquence.