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The Importance of Learning English

The Importance of Learning English

     The importance of the English language in the world community can hardly be overestimated. In the modern world, English is needed and accompanies us in many areas of life, from everyday life to politics.

     Whatever one may say, English will be useful to you everywhere:

     The academic world holds all scientific international conferences in English, as well as write scientific papers and exchange useful information.

     International sports, including world championships and the Olympic Games, are also held in English. It is the official language of the global sports community.

     In the rapidly developing modern world, learning English is already considered an absolute norm and even a necessity. In a world of high technologies, progress and globalization, there is simply nowhere without it, especially since you can even study it at home. English is currently the language of the internet.

     English can help you get a job. To obtain a prestigious position in a large stable company, language is a prerequisite, since many organizations have begun to work with foreign partners, negotiate with them and conclude deals, which is done in English.

     It will be very difficult for travelers without a language in other countries. Even if you do not go to an English-speaking country, and you do not know its language, there will always be people with whom you can communicate in English. With knowledge of the language, it will be comfortable in any country and any city.

     Many of our people consider it prestigious to get an education abroad. With knowledge of English, any of the most prestigious universities in the world are available, and with the received diploma, many foreign companies will be hired.

      Fans of classical literature will surely love to read the imperishable works of Shakespeare or Conan Doyle in the original.

       Having learned English, you will discover the whole world! With him, you will more easily achieve your goals, and there will be no doubts about his important role in society. Knowing this language of international communication, you will be able to achieve your goals with the help of new opportunities. And you will surely understand that the importance of the English language is not exaggerated.

Niyazbekova Sezim

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Faculty of Philology, 1st year student of the specialty Kazakh Philology

Under the guidance of Aisulu Tonker