The place where i belong

The place where i belong

I have chosen al-Farabi University because it is the best university that offers high- quality education and one of the largest educational institutions in Kazakhstan. It is considered a very prestigious university, as it was included in the top 800 universities in the world.

I was delighted when I won a state grant to study the speciality of two foreign languages. I entered Faculty of Philology and Foreign Languages because after a thorough review  i found this faculty a good place to realise my knowledge and skills. I am now conviced that i was right.

 There are many foreign students from different countries at our faculty. When I came to the university, I made lots of friends. Our university has many opportunities to study,  to develop personally and professionally. We communicate with foreign students  and warm atmosphere of the university helped us to find so many friends.

 Employment opportunity after graduation from the University is also given, as i know some people who had a job after graduating, which is really important nowadays.

My university is located between the Esentai River in the east, the Botanical Garden in the west,and there is a smart city of the university that every student can benefit from. I love al-Farabi Kazakh National University because of  there are lots of available facilities for students, like the student centre “Keremet", where we can get different kind of services like financial, social and medical, as well as a big library and sport complex. There are many opportunities in our faculty, we have conversation clubs organised by  McPherson Edward Oliver, which is really useful for learners. We participate in various scientific conferences.

 This is not only an educational part but also a completely student life. For example: there are different student organizations like Sunkar and Komek,that help others. With such organizations student life is bright and interesting, and students can actively participate in various competitions and social projects.

My first impressions of our university were positive and still remain so, I really like my group and the teaching staff of our faculty. I am grateful to be a student of my department, because i can see the progress in myself.We are now studying at the 2nd course online during quarantine and lessons are more interesting and effective.

I am very glad that I entered Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

I am proud of being a student of the department of General linguistics and european languages, as i feel that i am right where i belong. Where i can grow and develop.


Second-year student of the department of General linguistics and european languages, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University: Manarbek N.

Teacher: Kontek A.M.