Quarantine is not a barrier to study in KazNU

Quarantine is not a barrier to study in KazNU

         Distance learning is a global trend in education, which many well-known countries of the world use in their education system. This type of training is also known in our country, especially for University students. In this situation, where quarantine was established in all countries of the world due to the pandemic (COVID-19), many educational institutions switched to distance learning. Although our universities use different online platforms in the learning process, it only takes 20 % of the entire learning process. Thus, this situation has become a serious test for our education system and an opportunity to improve the online platform and servers at the highest possible level.

         The Kazakh national University does not lag behind the world trends and after the start of the quarantine immediately began to continue training using distance learning technologies (dot) in two information and educational systems -"Univer" (univer.kaznu.kz) and distance learning "MOODLE" (dl.kaznu.kz). The Univer system also offers additional platforms, such as the national open education platform in Kazakhstan (moocs.kz) and open master class (omc.moocs.kz).

Due to the fact that all educational institutions suddenly switched to distance learning, the power of online platforms and servers fell to a minimum. However technical staff of our University immediately took up troubleshooting to provide students and teachers with a stable server and a convenient learning platform. Training materials and tasks were changed for the distance program and implemented for online classes. Most students are already used to working remotely.

         As we know, classes are divided into two types: lectures and seminar classes. Teachers of our University upload all lectures and seminar assignments to the University system where students can independently study materials and complete tasks. Lectures and seminars are held in the form of a conference using applications such as ZOOM, SKYPE, Discord, etc.. If necessary, students can contact teachers and ask questions about the topic in a WHATSAPP chat or via email. If you encounter any problems in the Univer system, students and teachers can contact programmers, whose contacts can be found on the official website of the University (univer.kaznu.kz).

         Thus, univer.kaznu.kz is as a virtual audience for learners and teachers, which you can easily access from anywhere in Kazakhstan. In cases, when students from different regions are unable to participate in video conferences due to poor Internet connection, they are given the opportunity to submit assignments before the deadline. This means that students can organize their time as they want, in order to pass the subject in time.

         In this situation, the teaching staff pays more attention to the process of teaching students than before. Everything is under the control of the University administration. Looking at such opportunities, we can say with confidence that if there is a desire and KazNU, the quarantine and other situations are not able to put an obstacle on our path to education.


Scientific adviser:

candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor Tausogarova A. K.

Master degree student:

Tolybayeva G. R