The University of DREAM

The University of DREAM

Everyone knows that the most important part of our life concerns our profession, so the choice of a future profession is the most difficult and important thing in the life of every person. It is also very important to choose the right university, where you will get the basics of knowledge in order to be a specialist in your field of activity. But it is not so easy to choose a university, since the number of universities in our country is huge. It was not an easy task for me either, so after a thorough search for a university that really reflects my desire and aspiration, I finally settled on KAZNU. Probably there are very few people, who have not heard about the number 1 university in Kazakhstan - about the Al - Farabi Kazakh National University.

Al - Farabi Kazakh National University - is the University of our Future, the embodiment of ideas, which produces highly qualified specialists in various fields of activity.

KAZNU - is a university that is included in the top of the best universities in Kazakhstan, where work the best specialists from all over Kazakhstan. Kaznu has all the opportunities for the development of a versatile and multifaceted personality, there are international exchanges, academic mobility, where any student can go for one semester to one of the countries with which the university cooperates. And cooperation is conducted with many countries, from the CIS countries to the United States of America.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University includes 16 faculties, and in my opinion, the most interesting of them is the Faculty of Philology, in which I actually study.

We have not big faculty, but it is full of quality content. There are six departments at the faculty: Department of Kazakh linguistics, Department of Kazakh literature and literary theory, Department of Russian philology and world literature, Department of general philology and European languages, Department of translation. I chose the Department of general philology and European Languages. This Department professionally teaches world languages. Here you can learn the language you like, such as Chinese, English, German, French, etc.

From the first days of studying at this department, I felt a huge support from the teaching staff, which showed their professionalism, responsibility and a serious approach towards their work. In learning a new language it is important that the teachers believe that you will succeed, and teachers of our department believed in me, probably even more than I did. And, indeed, their faith helped me in learning difficult languages ​​like English and Chinese. At our department, teachers gave me not only a faith, but they also interested me, supported me in every possible way, explained the most difficult, in a simple and understandable way, and by having such approach I was not afraid to learn difficult languages, and with the help of faith and confidence that I took from teachers I could learn new languages and achieve all of the goals that I had. And now I can confidently say that I was not mistaken in the choice of university.

KazNU: Faculty of Philology   

Department of general linguistics and European languages

Scientific supervisor: Mambetova M.K cand. sc. philology, acting associate professor                            

Kabdrakhmanova Tolkyn master student of 2nd course