Life is a continue learning process

Life is a continue learning process

First let me give you a short information about myself. My name is Algyr Yerzhan, I come from China and I am now a master student in this university. I am currently studying in the department of philology and world Languages. Majored in foreign Languages: two foreign languages. I have been studying in Kazakhstan for six years from 2013 to now. I returned to China for one year after the undergraduate degree last year. I found that the undergraduate diploma could not meet my expectations for the future, so I decided to return to Kazakhstan for further study. When I returned to Kazakhstan, I resolutely chose Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. I think I really made the right choice, and I feel very lucky to study in this university. So I want to share my learning experience here.


 After months of studying, I not only tasted the joys and sorrows of learning. At the same time also see in deeper sense that university's success.I feel really lucky. Before the class started, my heart was full of fear, but when I was integrated into the learning life, I was no longer afraid, but I was full of confidence in myself. First of all, I am very grateful to my teachers. Because of the different languages, I am afraid to express my opinions in front of my classmates, but the teachers will always encourage me and motivate me. When I encountered a problem that I didn't understand, they would patiently answer it for me, and gradually I became confident in myself. No longer afraid to speak in front of classmates.Then there are my classmates. They are so friendly. No matter what difficulties I encounter, they will help me solve the problem and they would even take me personally to solve problems. The most important thing is that during the learning process, we organized a variety of discussion competitions, debates and a party was organized in memory of Abai poets with the teachers. I benefited a lot. This is a very good experience for us. We can learning a lot will improve our speaking ability and make us more confident in ourselves. The Kazakh National University  is really a prestigious university.


The Kazakhstan Al-Farabi National University is the institution of the Kazakhstan higher education system. It is the first university to be accredited by the state, covering all majors that achieve all academic activities.

The Kazakhstan Al-Farabi National University is a first-class institution in Kazakhstan. It is the first university in history to receive the Kazakhstan Presidential Achievement in Teaching Quality. The university is one of the co-founders of the University International Association and the University Eurasian Association. It was the first institution of higher learning in the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries to sign the Magna Carta of the University of Bologna. International certification, in 2000, obtained from the world's largest certification center.

Today, the Kazakhstan Al-Farabi National University offers you a wide range of expertise. The school has 14 faculties, 98 departments, 20 scientific research institutes and centers, 1 technology park; more than 2,000 professors,Doctor(phd), research candidates, more than 100 academicians, and about 30 Kazakhstan honor awards Winners, more than 30 national heads of state award winners and 40 young scientist award winners, 45 national science prize winners. There are more than 18,000 teachers and students studying and living in the school's multi-level education system. The school implements joint international teaching with 418 famous universities in the world, providing students with a wide range of internships and exchange programs.


If I were to recommend a university for you, I will choose this university without hesitation, because here you can learn a lot of knowledge and can improve yourself in your studies, we welcome to you to study at Kazakhstan National University.You will never regret choosing Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.



Algyr Yerzhan-master student at the Department of philology and Foreign languages


Advisor: Mambetova  M.K.-Scientific Docent