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Daurenbek Azenuly AUBAKIR*, Yerabylay Daurenbekuly AZEN**

*Professor of L.N. Gumilyov ENU, **Master student of KBTU.

Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan. E-mail: segiz-seri@yandex.ru


Introduction. We have been working for about 15 years on the innovative “Intensive Heating System – HIS” (some of our colleagues have been 25 years old!), which in the future will replace the existing “Extensive Heating System – EHS”, which has exhausted all its positive potentials and has begun to “degrade” - more and more showing negative properties. During this time we have studied in detail the bubble phenomenon - “cavitation”, which is the fundamental basis of IHS. Of course, we cannot say that all the secrets of cavitation were revealed, however, the main thing we understood is that this unusual phenomenon, which, like natural radiation, is able to withstand the spontaneous growth of entropy (according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, formulated by Clausius and Boltzmann in thermodynamics). In other words, cavitation in nature produces free energy no worse and no less than natural radiation (the assertion that there is a single phenomenon in nature - natural radiation that produces free energy belongs to the famous Soviet academician V.I. Vernadsky).

In addition, we have proved [1], that cavitation is fairly universal in nature, participating in such natural phenomena as a tornado, which from time to time brings destruction and sacrifices to the countries of the ocean, as well as in the most powerful hurricanes and whirlwinds, tsunamis and cyclones, in lightning and thunder, in volcanic eruptions and destructive explosions that occur in stars, including the sun, black holes, etc. [1].

The purpose of this work is to familiarize the academic community, the subjects of the educational system - students, undergraduates and doctoral students with our hypotheses and theoretical calculations that the consequences of the presence of cavitation are also reflected at the molecular, atomic and nucleon levels. To do this, we introduced the concept of particles - elementary and not only cavitions of the four types ci1, ci2, ci3 and ci4. "Cavition" (formed from the combination of the words "CAVITation" and "IONization") is a neologism from cavitation, introduced for the study, first of all, of electrical and magnetic phenomena in nature and in artificial processes [2]-[3].

Keywords: cavitation, cavition, high-frequency pulsating oscillatory movement, magnetism, electromagnetism, field, dark photon, photion, dark electron, election, magnetion, electionomagnetionism, dark matter, dark world

Note. So far, the aforementioned concepts, phenomena associated with the electron have been explained differently, only - without cavitation. However, the scheme that we offer as a new approach to this is much different from the existing ones, and it is most natural. Now let's focus on the phenomenon of magnetism. Although this phenomenon has been thoroughly studied for seven centuries by physicists such as Pierre de Maricour (1269: “A Letter of a Magnet”), William Gilbert (1600: “About Magnets, Magnetic Bodies, and a Large Magnetic Earth”), Otto von Gericke, Oersted Hans Christian (1813, 1820), André-Marie Ampère, Maria Skladovskaya-Curie, Choir Charle D'Anga (1785), Michael Faraday (1821-1831, 1864), James Maxwell (1873: “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism”) [5], Bio and Savar, Om, Lenz, Gauss, Joule, Thomson, Nikola Tesla and others [6], but it is still impossible to say with certainty that this phenomenon has revealed all its secrets.

The question of whether there is an elementary particle, for example, "monopole", i.e. the element that generates magnetism, like electron - electricity, is still the subject of research on magnetic phenomena. Scientists occasionally attempting to search for such a particle, agreed on the failure of such devices, because, although hypothetically, some scientists are convinced that “yes, there is such a particle!”.

But no experiment has confirmed their theoretical statements and proofs. One of these ideas is given in the analytical review [6].

In this article we will offer ideas that are different from the ideas of the above authors.

1 Our past views on the nature of magnetism

Our position is clear: cavitions of type ci1 and ci2 can be applied to the study of the phenomenon of magnetism in nature, in addition to the phenomenon of electricity, especially cavition type ci1. In order to substantiate this position, we want to turn to the Ampère hypothesis, one of the well-known prerequisites for the explanation of magnetism, and it has not yet lost its relevance. The main argument in this hypothesis is that the “magnetic feature” of any body is determined by the presence of closed circuits of electrical currents that continuously move in one body. The magnetic oscillations of any of the electrons are determined by the electrical current of the thermocouple that protects the inside. This conclusion, in turn, is based on the following conclusion: “During its existence, each of its electrons rotates around its own axis, accelerating chaotically and spontaneously, thanks to its charge, it generates magnetic and electric miniature fields around its core”. Electrons, using their own absolute motion, charge the magnetic field together with the electric field, which are formed by their own orbital vibrations and movements around the nucleus of their own atom [5].

Here we must recall William Gilbert, who in 1600 published the work “On Magnets, Magnetic Bodies and a Large Magnet - the Earth”. As he put it in this fundamental work: “The most important magnet is the Earth, the Earth’s magnetic field (EMF) is formed by a huge number of closed circuits of electric currents that endlessly appear and disappear in the core and in the magma. And this magnetic field of the Earth has become one of the factors determining the occurrence of the biosphere of the entire planet - the life of flora and fauna”. Thus, its existence and humanity is obliged to the magnificent magnetic field of the globe [4].

It should be noted that the generation of the biosphere of the entire planet, i.e. the whole life of flora and fauna is obviously not one of the inventories responsible, the share in this matter of gravity and radiation is immense, and we must admit that there is another phenomenon that needs to be added to this list of vital factors - cavitation. Of course, White Light, created by the Sun and its attributes - radiation, heat, winds, climate, light, power, energy, is the basic prerequisite for the survival of all life on earth. We have proved that this list of life-affirming factors is not complete without the phenomenon of cavitation: before our discovery of the great role of this phenomenon, the place and role of cavitation in the conceptual attributes of the nature of things was never mentioned. We all need to be grateful that it will be taken into account now. If on the eve (10.10.2017: [1]) we did not reveal and would not show the place and role of cavitation - destructive and at the same time creative, destructive and at the same time defensive, constrained and at the same time free, sounding and at the same time glittering, generating and at the same time mutated, and at the same time giving movement to all things, how long would it take to live in the White Light and not know one of the great wonders of the world? Yes, agreeing with the saying “better late - than never!”, We still hope that now Einstein’s dream of achieving the “Great Unification” will finally come to life, because how would it have happened if there was a significant flaw - the missing link in the list fundamental forces of nature in the face of cavitation force. This would mean the great Abai prediction: “And you are the missing brick for the world - find a flaw and take your place!”

As we saw above, the phenomenon of electricity is directly related to cavitation and, now, we are convinced that magnetism and magnetic field also depend on cavitation [2]-[3], [7]-[9]. This fact will find further confirmation in this article.

2 The dark photon may become that sign at the fork, which will

lead to the discovery of the unknown secrets of magnetism

We want to turn our eyes to such a popular concept among scientists, which is the new concept of “dark photon” [10]-[11]. Immediately, we note that we will interpret this concept differently, therefore we will call it a little differently: “dark photon” - “invisible photon” - “photion”. The meaning of this will manifest itself gradually below.

We will consider this concept together with self-manifestation, from the standpoint of the theory of cavitation, namely, involving the concept of “cavition”. Since the appearance of light in this theory is explained by the special movements of a photon converted into a cavition of type ci1 - high-frequency pulsating oscillatory movements (HF-POM), according to which light from a photon flashes at each period due to microexplosion - collapse of a cavition of type ci1, for the same the cavition period ci1 manages to recover again [7]-[9]. Thus, self-manifestation is a string of endless collapses of a cavition of type ci1. What, then, is a string of endless restorations of a cavition of type ci1? In our opinion, it can be interpreted as an “invisible photon” or “photion” (in the manner of the name “cavition”!).

Like the behavior of an electron, which, turning into a cavition of the ci1 type, in the process of HF-POM generates electricity using a string of successive collapses, another reduction string in this case generates a “dark electron” - an “invisible electron” – “election”, (also in the manner of the name “cavition”!).

2.1 Revealing the details of the foregoing ...

If we continue the thought we have begun, the concept uniting the “dark electron” - “invisible electron” - “election”, asks for another concept: “magnetion” - “invisible magnetion”, in other words, we would like to assert by this that magnetism is a derivative concept, it is generated from electricity, more precisely - from electromagnetism. Indeed, an electron, having turned into a cavition of type ci1, generates a field of electromagnetic waves, i.e. forms the concept of electromagnetism, since there is no just an electric field, but a pair concept is certainly generated, apparently due to the principle of dualism. And in turn, magnetism arises from the electromagnetic field, in other words, a magnet.

A logical question arises here: what, naturally occurring in the finished form magnesium, magnets, ferromagnets, etc. occurred without electricity?

I would answer this question as follows: the phenomenon of electricity and electromagnetism in nature are quite common, in addition, there is the concept of magnetization. So, some chemical elements (CEs) that are found in pure form in nature or their compounds, having the property of being susceptible to magnetization and the quality to preserve this state, due to the special arrangement of their atoms and/or molecules, become natural magnets. Those CEs and their compounds that do not have this quality do not become such, even if they are magnetized.

Of course, we have obtained these conclusions because of the consideration of the phenomena discussed here from the standpoint of the theory of cavitation. In fact, it is not a simple question - which of the two concepts is primary - electricity or magnetism, which of them is the leading, and which is the guided concept. It will not be possible to answer unequivocally on the move, but everything can be generated from the magnetic field - the Earth's magnetic field - both electricity and magnetism. That is, in this matter it’s not surprising to slide down to the unresolved paradox “Is the chicken primary or the egg primary?”

3 Thermo-, sono-miracles in the Sun require close attention and retreat

Here is another interesting fact: scientists have long since discovered and studied that electrical and magnetic phenomena, as well as continuous thermonuclear reactions that constantly occur in the depths of the Sun, without ceasing, are investigated by various methods and equipment. The US space agency NASA prepared and sent the Parker Solar Probe probe on August 12, 2018 using the Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle, which can move closer to the Sun as close as possible [12]. It was launched from the SLC-37 port of the Canadian Gulf in Florida from the Canavell space center. He will fly 7 years to explore the Sun's crown, and will approach the Sun 6 million kilometers in 2024. Therefore, approaching the corona of the Sun, it will fly at a speed of 725,000 km/h. For this, the Parker probe will fly around seven times around the planet Venus in order to accelerate its movement, thanks to a perturbation maneuver. As a result of this approximation, it will be found out why the temperature of the surface of the Sun, being only about 5 726 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the solar corona will be 1.7 million degrees Celsius, sometimes exceeding this value and reaching 29.0 million degrees Celsius. In addition, there is a lot of information about the solar wind - the magnetic storm from the Sun, which often shows its special character, earthlings and more and more will learn about it a lot of interesting and instructive. Because, one part of it sometimes reaches the Earth and humans are in contact with it, with its magnetic field and its effect on all beings - sometimes useful and sometimes harmful, since for some people its effect can accelerate the disease, say - hypertension. But, he may be of some benefit to some birds, fish and insects - in seasonal migrations such as migratory birds, whales and insects, say monarch butterflies. The solar wind is active with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Thus, the magnetic effect and the phenomenon circulate without stop at the Earth itself and in its environment.

According to scientists, electromagnetic closed circuits - domains and granules under the surface of the Sun are constantly formed, destroyed and disappear, appear and they constantly circulate. The temperature of the solar core is about 13.5 million degrees Celsius. Often there are eruptions and their products - solar substances in the form of a stream of ionized particles ejected from the Sun in all directions at a speed of about 400 km per second, they are thrown out of the Sun and grown in the form of its corona for thousands of kilometers. The surface temperature of the Sun is about 6,000 degrees Celsius (more precisely, 5,726), and at the solar corona it is about 1.7 million degrees Celsius, sometimes reaching 29 million degrees Celsius. Now we know that it is absolutely impossible to interpret this temperature without the phenomenon of cavitation in a plasma medium.

It is not surprising that, until today, scientists and specialists have not been able to find and indicate the exact causes of this phenomenon. It is noteworthy that no one, now, we believe, will remain indifferent to the fact that the main cause and source of power, energy was in front of their eyes - this is cavitation [7]-[9].

3.1 For the first time in history, the Solar wind hit the video

NASA in November 2018 published a short video about what is happening in the vicinity of the Sun [13].

The Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft in history to study the Sun at close range. During his mission, he twice circled around the nearest star to our planet and captured the first image from the inside of its atmosphere. The result of one of such studies was published by NASA - a short video demonstrates what is happening in the immediate vicinity of the star, digitaltrends.com reports.

One of the instruments on board the probe is a wide-angle sensor, consisting of two telescopes, designed to capture visible manifestations of solar activity. In the published video, the Sun is left behind the frame, and the solar wind is clearly visible on the screen - a stream of ionized particles flowing from left to right (2-photo). On the right side of the frame you can see a bright point - the planet Mercury, and the center of the Milky Way. White streaks passing through the image are dust particles.

1-Photo. Eruption of magma generating solar wind (photo: Universe.net).

2-Photo. The solar wind is a stream of ionized particles flowing from left to right.

All this said regarding processes on the Sun mainly concerns thermo-miracles, but sono-miracles, as it happens, often remain behind the scenes. The latter certainly happen, since cavitation eruptions are accompanied by sounds, as well as photographic phenomena, only they are not heard from such a distance. One can guess that by how many times they increase the temperature in the corona of the sun, the noise of unimaginably huge decibels is just as loud from them.

It would be extremely interesting if the Parker probe would transmit to the Earth the recordings of these noise representations of sono-miracles in the Sun, of course, in a jammed format.

4 Another retreat already about dark matter - the “invisible” world

The emergence of dark concepts certainly contributed to the “dark matter". Here is how the first authors describe the introduction to the scientific use of “dark photon” - Lottie Akerman, Matthew Buckley, Sean M. Carroll, Mark Camionkowski [14]: “We examine the feasibility and astrophysical consequences of the new long-range calibration field U(1) (“dark electromagnetism”), Which is associated only with dark matter, and not with the Standard Model. Dark matter consists of an equal number of positive and negative charges under the influence of a new force, but annihilation is suppressed if the mass of dark matter is large enough and the fine structure constant of dark matter $hatalpha$ is quite small. The correct abundance of relics can be obtained if dark matter is also associated with ordinary weak interactions, and we verify that this is consistent with physical limitations. The main restriction on $hatalpha$ is due to the fact that dark matter does not effectively collide in the dynamics of the galaxy, which implies $hatalpha$ <10-3 for dark matter of the TeV scale. These values ​​are easily compatible with the limitations of structure formation and primary nucleosynthesis. We are opening up the prospect of new interesting plasma effects in the dynamics of dark matter, which have yet to be studied”.

This intention of the first authors was not justified, because German experimental physicists using the HADES particle detector at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) Dresden research center refuted their claims that the “dark photon” is a particle of dark matter [15]. In other words, a “dark photon” in that definition and in that interpretation proposed by its first authors cannot be considered an elementary particle of dark matter.

But this should not be perceived as the failure of the very concept of dark matter, and also the impossibility of defining a “dark photon” in a different way.

Our approach to the definition and interpretation of the “dark photon” convinces us that we cannot completely abandon this concept and, although not specifically, allow us to rehabilitate it, but the interpretation will fundamentally differ from the interpretation of the above authors.

4.1 What will we come by applying the theory of cavitation

to the problem of dark matter?

Now back to the concept of dark matter (DM). To date, there is no shortage of scientists, communities of scientists involved in the problem of DM. Monographs, reviews are published, and textbooks [16]-[18] are even published.

In the interpretation of DM are present, starting with the empirical approach [16], to in-depth studies [17]-[18], in the form of separate and review articles [19]-[23], as the Internet sites and documentaries, videos [24]-[26].

In sections 2, 2.1 above, “dark photon”, “dark electron” were respectively called photion and election, and they also added magnetion to them, thereby introducing neologisms. Now we turn to them through the prism of dark matter, and see what happens. We would say: “dark electromagnetism”.

If we now take into account the terminology of sections 2, 2.1, we get “invisible electromagnetism”.

From here, following the logic, it turns out: “invisible electionomagnetionism”. They do not sound quite harmonious, but for now let us neglect this side of the issue. So be it [27]-[28].

And what do we have in the end? Does it not seem that so far, purely from a formal point of view, we have obtained the concept of “dark matter” - “dark world”?

From a substantive point of view, this hypothesis should also be given to German colleagues for an independent examination! In fact, almost all conclusions and statements of the cavitation theory require such an examination.

Conclusion.  As is known, or rather, as is customary in world practice, any new theory needs practical verification, namely, experimental confirmation of its provisions. Only after this, the final conclusions are made. We will postpone this procedure until better days, or we will order an independent examination of global brands in the sense of equipping with the most advanced verification tools, cutting-edge laboratory facilities. At the same time, we would like to warn potential experimenters of the following difficulties:

- First, these experimenters themselves will need to be carefully acquainted, taught the basics, the intricacies of the theory cavitation;

- Secondly, a real scientific revolution should be launched in the academic environment, of which we are assured categorically [27]-[28]!


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