Cooking (арнайы тапсырма)

Cooking (арнайы тапсырма)

Our competition will soon end. This special assignment was so interesting. Let's read with me about my cooking.

      The food is a big part of our lives. We need to eat to live. So cook a tasty food, I think, it needs a big ability. Especially, girls need to know how to cook.

For me the most delicious food is mash with meatballs. When my family and I converge on the cafe I always order a dish that more I like, and my younger sister and my younger brother also love this dish.            

One day my parents left to visit. I had to cook something delicious. I thought, what are the children's favourite food. Then I decided to cook mash with meatballs.                                                        

 Began to cook. I put on the table six potatoes, one onion, two carrots, tomato, minced meat, boiled rice, salt and black pepper. First brewed potatoes in a pan and added some salt. While potatoes cooked up, I added boiled rice to the prepared stuffing. Then added as needed right amount of salt and pepper. Mixed all the ingredients. Then made small balls with stuffing. I rolled them in flour. So put them in a steamer. Thereat potatoes brewed. We have to wait until they cool down. Then peel the potatoes and put on a great cup. I mixed potatoes with a mixer. After added the onion and black pepper. Yet mixed. Mash is ready!         Twenty minutes later the meatballs were ready. And I would add something. First cut the carrots and onions. Then I fried they in a pan. I added one spoon of tomato and mixed. After a few minutes of pouring hot water. I closed the lid.                                                  

   The food was ready. I laid the table. On a plate placed on one side of meatballs. On the other hand put mash. And then poured the sauce tasty

    I made this dish for dinner. The children were pleased. They said that the dinner was so delicious. I was so nicely.

   I finally realized, to cook delicious meals not only have ability and invent to be a good. And I want to tell you this English proverb about food: Eat to live, not live to eat.