About One of My Favorite Movie (for contest)

About One of My Favorite Movie (for contest)

I don’t like all of Disney Princesses. I only like a few. They are Elsa, Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel. The movie,

I am interested in right now is ‘Frozen Fever’. This movie is ‘Frozen’s’ follower. This movie is short, but it is funny. This movie is about Anna’s birthday, who is Elsa’s little sister. There was a silly writing that read ‘Happy birthday, Anna!’ and a vast ice-cream cake.

Anna’s kind hearted friend, Kristoff a really cheerful snowman, who is named Olaf and a smart reindeer, named Sven came to the party. That day, Elsa had a fever. Every time, Elsa sneezed, The Snowgies (also known as Snow-Babies) came out of her nose. They were really cute. It seemed really funny.


Are you tired of  Massaget’s  dream contest?

If you are, you should watch Frozen Fever. On a really hot day like this, it will be relaxing if you watch a movie about Ice Kingdom, snow queen Elsa, and really cute Snowgies.