KazNU is a place of opportunities

KazNU is a place of opportunities

In connection with the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 23, 1991, Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov is named after the great scientist, thinker and encyclopedist "The second teacher of the East - Abu Nasir al-Farabi".

The name of the leading national university named after Al-Farabi is of great importance for acquainting students with the culture and historical lessons of our ancestors and educating all youth in the spirit of patriotism.

Today, about 20 thousand students study at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The university has 15 faculties and more than three thousand teachers.

Students have every opportunity to study in the sacred place of the city of KazNU campus. Student Palace U. Zholdasbekov for 1600 places, the only large-scale library "Al-Farabi" in the CIS, a sports complex and a stadium, new buildings, a military department, a technopark, a hostel for 5000 student places, a medical center and a student service center.

There is a student club for talented students at the Palace of Students. Talented members of the student club are the winners of many competitions. One of them is the Bakhyt dance ensemble.

Traditionally, our university holds contests "Zhalyn" for identifying freshman talents "Club of cheerful and resourceful", " Ana tili aruy-Zhigit sultany ".

There is also a committee of youth organizations to develop student leadership and organizational skills. It includes the Sunkar Student Union, the Student Senate, the Komek Voluntary Movement, the Student Council, the Bologna Process Student Bureau and the Student Scientific Society. Currently, all festive events at the university are held with the direct participation of these young people.

Traditionally, for students wishing to study science, conferences and forums are organized, such as the "World of Science". Each faculty has business incubators, and the university has a technopark for students who are interested in innovative projects and try to keep up with the times.

At the entrance to the hostel: a security guard who monitors the peace of the hostel residents around the clock, as well as comfortable sofas, a TV, a cafe.

Inside the hostel:

• Dining room

• Shower

• Restroom

• The Internet

• Equipped with a laundry.

There are 4 (3) students in one room.

Inside the room: each student has a separate bed, a bedside table and a common wardrobe, a table, a bookshelf.

Students can study in reading rooms and Internet rooms. There are also special rooms for student councils and opposition chairmen. There is a security guard appointed by the OPP and KazNU, who monitors the behavior of students.

KazNU is a place that unites talented students. KazNU is a place of respect and true friendship, a place of lovers. KazNU is a place that contributes to the formation of a personality and reveals the full potential of a personality. For this reason, students consider their life at KazNU the greatest success.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University,
Department of General linguistics and European languages
1st year  master’s degree students: Yerlan A.Y., Baikozha A.B.