International cooperation of the KazNU and PFU of Russia

International cooperation of the KazNU and PFU of Russia

The modern era is undergoing a period of globalization, which facilitates the establishment of international contacts and ties. The internationalization of higher education, which is dynamically gaining strength and based on the universal nature of knowledge, also has a positive impact on the development of international cooperation. International cooperation between universities is key in developing relations between countries. The expansion of the forms of international cooperation of higher education institutions today seems to be an important aspect in the development of educational services. In addition, it significantly enriches the activities of the university, increases the effectiveness in research activities, and helps to familiarize students with world culture.

As a representative of the KazNU University, I am proud of cooperation with the RUDN University, because it is the leader among Russian universities in the share of foreign students in international ratings. The program of academic mobility for students of KazNU and RUDN provides many opportunities for development, networking, acquaintance with culture and expanding borders. There is also a two-diploma program between the universities, according to which students can graduate from the university with a diploma from KazNU and RUDN University. This opportunity opens the door to many companies and gives many chances to climb the career ladder.

Studying at RUDN University for students from KazNU is a chance to study another educational system, get knowledge from leading Russian professors and get to know the country as a whole. The main problem for international students is the language barrier, so here at the KazNU students there is an advantage of knowledge of the Russian language. The living conditions that RUDN University provides are very comfortable and there is everything to fulfill student needs.

International cooperation in education develops a person’s ability to evaluate events and occurrences from the perspective of another individual, different culture, other socio-economic formation. This is a multicultural education of a person, which is the main part of the general training of a specialist of the 21st century. Students of KazNU and RUDN University are trained to become highly qualified specialists in the industries. University collaboration strengthens this position.

International cooperation is permanently changing its forms and activities, accumulating potential: achieving a level of higher education that is consistent would be the needs of modern international society; leveling the level of national educational systems; mutual understanding between peoples. The 21st century is the century of information and education. In conditions of a huge flow of information and choices, education can lay the foundation of the basic principles and norms in man. Education is able to establish relations between countries and become a driving tool for uniting people from all over the world.

Authors: Amirova Diana
  Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Umatova Zh.M.